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Bathroom renovation

We can renovate your entire bathroom. From bad to shower, floors and wash basin furniture. The full bathroom renovation is carried out by our own expert assembly team. 

We do not work with standard advisory prices, but realize your bathroom for a crisp and transparent price. We stand for quality and service to the smallest details to ensure that you are 100% satisfied as a customer!

  • Bathroom design to your wishes

  • Demolish your old bathroom

  • Floor and wall tiles

  • Plaster your bathroom

  • Lighting installation

  • Own professional assembly service

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Plastering and painting

Our services consist of all kinds of plastering and painting work. We will discuss everything in advance and also provide a free quotation whenever necessary. Our workmanship is formed by the right combination of professional workers, using quality materials and extensive knowledge and insight. 

We are happy to assist our clients with materials, formats, color and product advice.

  • Painting inside and outside

  • All type of plaster work

  • Ceilings, walls, windows, doors

  • Professional materials

  • Thorough knowledge and insight

  • Affordable

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Spacious experience with electrical engineering work for private houses and offices. We provide electrical engineering installations of new construction and offer renovations. For all your electrical work in your home or company, you can contact Dama Renovation.

Do you have questions about your electrical installation? Should your electricity be expanded in your kitchen or in your living room? Should your old system be replaced? We are happy to discuss everything with you and give advice on what is possible.

  • Place new group electricity, create pipelines for new groups

  • Kitchen preparation electricity

  • Replace earthwire switch, renew wiring

  • Set up the main switch, correct grounding

  • Plug sockets, move switches, move

  • Replacing lights, replace

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Carpenter Work

Specialized in all carpentry works: new construction, renovation, and restoration work. Also work for your interior. Dama Renovation carpenters are graduate artisan furniture-maker.

  • Delivery, installation or replacement of windows, doors and windows

  • Installation or replacement of ceilings

  • New placement or replacement of skylights, roof windows

  • Timber jobs small or large

  • Custom made furniture

  • Specializing in wall paneling, radiator linings, panel door cabinets, sliding wardrobes, tables and all furniture for your or our design

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