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Our carpenters can help you in the area of renovation or new construction. Do you want to renovate the bathroom or is it time for the renovation of your garden furniture? Would you like to have more bedrooms in the attic? Or is a part shielded as a study room? Do you think it's so important to have a nice radiant kitchen? Does your house need a new ceiling?

The cost of projects vary on the materials used by the carpenters use and the time they spend on the job. By comparing different price quotes you can save on costs.

We supply and customised cabinets in the living room, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and staircases.

The construction of roof is a precision work, which is better done by a carpenter. To bring more light and space on the upper floor, it is also an option to have a dormer installed.

Laying floors is a tedious task, so many find it. Not for a carpenter: he enjoys laying the floor as beautifully as possible. In addition to laying floors, our professionals also specialize in floor maintenance.

It is important to keep your stairs checked regularly by experienced carpenters. Periodic maintenance prevents loose shelves and paint damage. 

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